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Helix 9 piece Maths set Helix 9 piece Maths set

The world’s best known 9 piece math set. Traditional design tin box with full colour displayQuality components. ...
Maths set, 8 piece - Maped Graphic Maths set, 8 piece - Maped Graphic

Tackle geometry lessons with this 8 piece maths set.Includes protective plastic tin for storage.Compass, sharpener, eraser, pencil, ruler, 2 set squares & p...
Protractor - Celco Protractor - Celco

This 180 degree x 100mm protractor is ideal for measuring those challenging acute or obtuse angles in class.Supplied as clear plastic. ...
45 Degree Set Square - Celco 45 Degree Set Square - Celco

This set square has a 12cm ruler edge with 1cm increments.21cm tracing edge and two 45 degree angles.Made from durable plastic. ...
Compass, 2 piece - Maped Compass, 2 piece - Maped

Durable and reliable compass for the classroom environment.Includes one pencil and the ability to utilise most standard pencils.Available in black. ...
Calculator, FX82AUPLUS - Casio (Abacus) Calculator, FX82AUPLUS - Casio (Abacus)

LCD display.Dual power - solar and battery.Includes memory, percentage, square root and profit margin functions.Ideal for any student from 7 through to Universi...
Calculator, 12 digit, dual power - Sovereign Calculator, 12 digit, dual power - Sovereign

Executive pocket calculator. 12 digit with large display screen. Dual power. ...
Playing cards Playing cards

All round deck of playing cards.Perfect for helping kids learn mathematic principles in a practical way.Each deck includes 52 cards plus two jokers. ...
Maths box Maths box

Kids will love learning basic maths skills using these practical tools. Maths box includes 1 x pack of playing cards, 3 x dice and 20 x counters. ...

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