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Tinket was founded by Gabrielle - a mother frustrated at how shopping for her children's stationery items was always a last minute dash to the shops and a major headache.

The exercise, as you know, usually took more than a couple of hours and involved visiting at least three different stores. Often it was difficult to find the correct brand or size specified on the school stationery list or the stores did not carry the item. On top of that, the exercise was surprisingly costly.

Driven by a desire to make life easier for parents as well as providing consistency for schools, Gabrielle developed a solution. After many meetings with schools, parents, stationery suppliers and incorporating feedback from kids, Tinket was formed.

The offer is simple. Well-researched, quality stationery products that are pre-defined according to school requirements and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Care has been taken in building the right relationships to ensure the stationery kits are priced competitively. In fact, the prices will often be cheaper than what you could find if you shopped for the individual items at large retail outlets.

Each item is excellent quality and sourced from a reputable manufacturer or supplier and takes into account feedback by teachers and students alike.

Gabrielle is passionate about children, education, the community and having fun. You will see that come through in everything that Tinket does.

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